EGF Accelerator fellows program

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the EGF Accelerator?
Launched in 2007, The EGF Accelerator is a long-term residential and remote incubator for early-stage to mid-stage nonprofits and national nonprofit organizations expanding to New York. It is funded by the Edwin Gould Foundation. Current and past organizations include Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM), Genesys Works New York, uAspire, One Goal, College Spring, Opportunity Network, Breakthrough New York and

What is the EGF Accelerator Fellows Program? 
Launched in 2020, the EGF Accelerator Fellows Program is a 20-week (meeting every week), fully remote, paid program for people who want to launch or grow an organization that has a mission of improving education and life outcomes for low-income New Yorkers. The program focuses on leadership development, operationalizing an idea, fundraising, and building a professional network as a foundation for building a sustainable organization. 

“Improving education and life outcomes” is a broad category. What kinds of ideas are you looking for?
It is broad because we are interested in new and different ideas. Applicants should be examining a social problem related to education and equity and have an idea of how you might go about addressing it.  

Here are some questions we think about:
Did you ever wonder why boys in public elementary schools in Hunts Point are so far below grade level in reading and wonder if you could change that?  

Have an idea about how to promote more gifted education in low-income neighborhoods? Or how to redefine the notion of gifted all together?  

Thinking about how to make sure kids in under-resourced communities get access to scientific thinking through hands-on lab experiments?  

Wondering how to beef up early literacy in home-based preschools?  

Do you have a vision for creating an organization promoting career pathways for hardworking students who can’t afford or don’t choose to go to college? What about a new internship program where one doesn’t exist? 

Please note:
Preference will be given to those who already have been granted their 501c3 status or who have applied for or are currently obtaining a fiscal sponsor (the step before getting a 501c3.)

Problem-solvers focused on New York and the wider metropolitan area are preferred but in these remote times, we will consider applicants from around the country.

When Are the Key Dates and Deadlines and Times? 
Applications are due by Oct. 31, 2024. The program starts the second week in January, 2025.  Based on the consensus of the participants, the full group program will be offered either 10am to 12 noon ET or 4 pm to 6 pm ET one day per week, every week for twenty weeks. 100% attendance is expected and required. Smaller group meetings and mentor meetings will take place on alternate weeks. There will be required independent reading every week. Successful applicants will be invited for a remote interview. Pro Tip: We're trying to put together a "class." On the application form, the more flexible you can be about when you can meet, the better your chances are of getting named a Fellow.

Who Should Apply to the EGF Accelerator Fellows Program?  
The purpose of the program is to cultivate a cohort of dynamic individuals - including BIPOC, those with limited access to financial capital, and those from traditionally marginalized communities -- who are taking their first step toward launching a nonprofit or are taking a new leadership role in their existing nonprofit.  Preference will be given to those aged 24 and above, those who have completed their formal schooling, those who have a 501c3 or fiscal sponsor, and whose lived experience informs their thoughts and ideas around change. 

If I’m accepted into the program, what will I receive?  
Each Fellow will receive $2,500 stipend and a $5,000 grant for your organization.  Program components include expert mentoring, a powerful curriculum, access to dynamic speakers, interns, workshops, leadership opportunities, and an ongoing sounding board of smart, thoughtful, colleagues dedicated to helping each person enhance their assets, build their confidence while growing their network of friends, advisors, and supporters.

If I’m accepted into the Fellows program, what will I be expected to do?  
Do the pre-reading (about two hours a week.)  Attend every workshop (two hours every other week) and meet with your cohort (two hours on alternate weeks) and mentor (one hour 8 times during the program.) 100% attendance is expected and required. Participate whole-heartedly, thoughtfully, and with respect for the other Fellows (with camera and microphone on.) Answer surveys promptly with a mindset of improving the program for the next class of Fellows. Strive to be mentally flexible, take chances, and above all, be kind. 

If I become an EGF Accelerator Fellow, can I apply to have it housed in the EGF Accelerator? 
We consider every EGF Accelerator applicant on an individual basis. 

Other questions? 
We'd like to demystify this process. We strive to be transparent and clear. So don't be shy. Send queries here.


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